Presenting Skills Masterclass

High-octane skills clinic for larger groups


Who it helps

Middle/Junior/Line Management/Operational level, or Subject Matter Experts, for whom presenting is becoming an increasingly essential skill.

Where it helps

Client presentations, team or supplier briefings, status meetings, updates and other role-specific communication situations.

How it helps

A hands-on, high-octane, skills clinic that transforms people’s ability to both develop and deliver professional presentations. This is not a lecture ‘n’ listen session! It’s a roll-your-sleeves-up, have fun and learn workshop. We use actual presentation scenarios from your business and if part of a conference/event we’ll tailor these to reflect its theme or your current business strategy. Everyone gets presentation practise as part of a team, and receives individualised feedback.

Intermediate-level 1-day/part-day course. From 10 to 30+ people.

Key components

  • Understanding that different audiences want different things and how to tailor content for them.
  • Using our revolutionary Presentation MapperTM methodology to simply and quickly map out strong, clear and effective presentations.
  • How to kick off a presentation (or meeting) and get people’s attention.
  • Using emphasis techniques to land key messages including siren words and pausing.
  • Techniques for delivery success inc. harnessing voice, eye contact, body language, facial expressions, gestures, movement and closing a presentation.
  • Strategies for controlling nerves before and during a presentation.
  • Important Dos and Do nots for effective PowerPoint® slides and other visual aids.

Key results

  • Become a more assured and selfconfident presenter, speaking, talking and presenting with conviction and authority.
  • Discover a presenting style that is a natural fit with your personality and enhances your own ‘personal brand’
  • Learn a revolutionary framework for quickly creating powerful presentations that will get your message across and influence listeners.
  • Create more professional slides that add impact and interest.
  • Gain the skills to develop & deliver presentations that will drive tangible business results and make a real difference to your professional success.
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