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Business Presentation Skills Training and Coaching for Melbourne-based businesses

The Best Presentation Skills Training For Your Company In Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of opportunity for companies in the financial, professional services, science, technology, construction and manufacturing industries. It’s not surprising then, that over a third of Australia’s top 100 companies have chosen Melbourne to establish their headquarters.

To thrive in this dynamic Australian city, your team needs the skills, style and confidence to persuade and impress clients, business partners and internal stakeholders. SecondNature’s specialist business presentation skills training and coaching programs are designed with these business needs in mind. 

We help your people present (and pitch) persuasively, confidently and credibly – whether it’s to present online with confidence or to present influentially in-person. As a result, our programs have garnered acclaim for being the most powerful, practical and effective presentation skills workshops available in Melbourne.

We are Melbourne’s trusted specialists in business presentation skills transformation because our programs are:

  • Developed and facilitated by experts who specialise in business presentation skills
  • Highly practical and interactive
  • Tailored for your business, plus, personalised for each participant
  • Designed to empower participants to plan and structure strong, clear, compelling presentations they have confidence to deliver with personality and impact

All of our programs include delivery practice sessions with detailed individual feedback, even in a group workshop.

That’s not all. As part of our philosophy of delivering sustainable learning, we offer complimentary post-program support to extend skills development and workplace application. 

We ensure that you/your people gain relevant, practical and real-world presentation skills which can be applied immediately back in your business role. The skills become second nature and will have a lasting impact on all your future presentations.

Read more about the core principles we apply here

Business Presentation Skills Training and Coaching for Executives at All Levels

SecondNature programs are designed for leaders, managers and staff at all levels to help at every stage of business – for example: from internal report meetings to client/stakeholder updates, pitching ideas to launching new products and from showcasing results to speaking at conferences.

Our business presentation skills training and coaching programs take you further and will help you/your people to:

  • Come across as confident and well-prepared during a meeting or presentation
  • Build a presentation that is convincing, credible and logically-structured 
  • Create a lasting impact when delivering high-stakes speeches, presentations, pitches or tenders
  • Make the most of business opportunities by delivering ideas clearly and effectively 

Blue-chip corporates and leading organisations across virtually all industry sectors in Melbourne have experienced this difference and continue to rely on us for both group training programs and coaching. 

A Range of Specialist Training, Coaching and Consulting Programs in Melbourne

SecondNature programs are designed for groups or individuals, or to assist with a specific business event, such as a pitch, tender or conference. In addition to world-class, professional, in-person training, we also deliver virtual business presentation skills training courses, coaching programs and workshops. These online programs are designed to help participants improve their online presentation skills as well as their face-to-face presentation skills.

The list below provides a snapshot of our range of programs. 

Group Presentation Skills Training

Our programs are all client exclusive for small or larger groups, delivered in-person or online (as live video coaching):

Pitch, Business Development and Sales Presentation Skills Training

Our pitch presentation training, coaching or consulting on a specific live bid, can help you win business away from your competitors:

  • Pitch2Win – Business messaging and pitch specific presenting skills for new business/sales/bid/pitch/tender teams and individuals. Pitch2Win in-person or Pitch2Win online.

1-to-1 Executive Presentation Skills Coaching

These highly personalised coaching programs are designed for everyone from nervous new presenters to senior leaders:

  • Individual Coaching – A personalised coaching version of our group training programs to help anyone in business, at any level. Private 1-to-1 sessions. Also available online.

Conference and Event Presentation Skills Coaching

Our conference or event coaching, for individuals or teams, helps people to deliver an impactful speech or presentation in their own, authentic style:

  • Presenting for Applause – High-intensity coaching for keynote speakers at conferences and special events. Also available online.

Experience The Best Presentation Skills Training In Melbourne

SecondNature’s in-house, high-intensity, highly interactive “boardroom workshops” can be delivered in your office in the Melbourne CBD, Richmond, South Yarra, St. Kilda or anywhere else in Victoria (or live online in modular sessions with outcomes genuinely on a par with in-person programs). Take advantage of our world-class credentials and cross-industry experience & expertise for your business by getting in touch with us today. We look forward to talking with you!

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