Why SecondNature

10 Reasons To Choose SecondNature

We believe the standards, quality, value and return-on-investment we offer clients are unmatched, with our coaching being a world-class, best-of-breed benchmark. We partner with some of Australia’s biggest, blue-chip brands and businesses whose client sponsors and participants tell us that our programs have genuinely transformed their presenting capability - more confidence and credibility, more compelling and powerful, clearer and more impactful.

Here’s 10 reasons why we achieve these unique and unbeatable results:

We're not a training warehouse trying to be all things to all people. We're specialists. A training consultancy 100% focused on business presentation skills. So your people will receive expert, world-class, business-relevant presentation training.

We're not only trained to be trainers. We’ve all been senior executives in business and have personal experience of most, if not all, presentation situations businesspeople encounter. We can talk-the-talk because we have walked-the-walk (most actors and career trainers can't do this because they aren't able to draw upon real business experience).

Our unique Presentation Mapper™ is a powerful & proven framework that will dramatically transform your people's presenting success by giving them a way to simply & quickly create compelling presentations that tell a persuasive/inspiring story with a memorable narrative.

We don't force people to be who they aren't; instead our non-prescriptive approach helps everyone embrace their natural communication style and own a powerful and effective presenting style that allows their individual personality to shine through. This means the techniques they develop complement their ‘personal brand’ and ensures they feel comfortable and confident transferring new skills from the workshop to the workplace.

We never have, and never will, run public/open workshops. For 3 reasons. Only in-house workshops can: 1) be specifically tailored for your business; 2) guarantee commercial confidentiality and business focus; 3) allow your people to work on, practise & rehearse with their real-life business presentations. And only small-group programs allow people to receive detailed 1-to-1 coaching time over multiple practice sessions.

Everyone claims this. We really do it. Our programs are all double-customised: 1) tailored for your specific organisation; 2) personalised for each of your people. So each program is designed to meet your precise talent development requirements.

We include up to 4 practice sessions for each individual to deliver and rehearse using their own role-specific presentations. These incorporate extensive use of video, and personalised feedback using our highly detailed 60 point presenter analysis.

On top of their years of business experience it takes our Senior Consultant Coaches over 3 months to become accredited in delivering our programs. During accreditation they also gain expertise at providing incisive, personal, practical feedback, drawing too on their own personal business experiences, so they can give invaluable, constructive 1-to-1 guidance.

Embedded into every program is 90 days 1-to-1 follow-up coaching for every individual, lifetime access to our online Performance Support Centre, and a ‘Remind-Refresh-Reinforce’ skills extension suite of email bulletins.

We’re a thriving international business into our second decade, with two global hubs, long-term blue-chip clients, vast cross-sector credentials, enviable testimonials, proven IP, a suite of introductory, intermediate and advanced programs, and absolutely unparalleled customer service.

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Why SecondNature

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