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the Quick facts
  • World-class presentation training, coaching and consulting programs
  • Specialise in business presentation skills
  • Deliver training across Australia, NZ and into Asia
  • Blue-chip corporate client base
  • Work with people in all industries and at all levels

The longer story

This 'about us' section is really 'about you' - what we can do for you and how we can potentially help you, your organisation and your people.

secondnature is an Australian-based executive training consultancy. We deliver world-class, professional, business presentation skills training courses, coaching programs and workshops. From our offices in Sydney and Melbourne we operate Australia-wide, in all the main capital cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra - in regional towns like Bathurst, Bendigo, Wagga Wagga and Wyong - across New Zealand from Auckland to Queenstown - and into Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China.

We believe that people's ability to present well is the key to both their own career success and to their organisation’s success, and that they don’t have to change their personality to be the presenter they want to be.

secondnature is passionately committed to generating both immediate and sustained transformations in presentation confidence, effectiveness and performance. We provide high-quality, corporate presentation skills training that is very different to many in the marketplace. It is business-focussed, hands-on, high-intensity and high-impact - tailored to your organisation and personalised to your people. We deliver only in-house, client-exclusive programs so that we can tailor them, maintain the highest standards, ensure total client confidentiality and prevent a dilution of our principle of providing the maximum, realistic amount of high-quality practice time.

We are dedicated to real practice and instructive, individualised feedback - not masses of irrelevant theory, 'exercises' or entertainment.

The ultimate result of our presentation training or coaching is that your people will gain clarity and confidence in presenting so they exude credibility and deliver a message that is compelling. What they learn will mean all future presentations become secondnature!

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