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Successful businesses need confident, capable, compelling presenters. It’s a fact that very few people are taught how to make business presentations. Few of us have ever had any training at all for this business skill that many of us need to use on a weekly basis. So it’s not surprising that a lot of middle-to-senior management want to, or are asked to, improve their skills.

We believe that business people’s ability to present well can be the key to unlocking their own career success and their organisation’s success.

We also believe that people don’t have to change who they are to be the presenter they want to be. We can help any executive dramatically shift their presenting skills.

  • Individual Coaching – Private, 1-to-1 versions of our training programs that are fully personalised for the executive and tailored to their business. We work with senior professionals – managers, leaders and executives – from confident board-level executives to senior technical experts, and nervous presenters taking a step up to a leadership position. And, occasionally, less senior business people who are highly regarded by their business.
  • Presenting for VERY VERY Busy People The first high-impact and modular presentation skills coaching program, developed specifically for senior leaders. Comprising six, 90-minute, one-to-one coaching sessions, this program recognises the demands placed on today’s senior executives and acknowledges that executives at this level are already seasoned and experienced presenters.

Executive Presentation Skills 1-to-1

  • Generally for more senior levels and roles in business
  • Personalised coaching that meets an individual’s precise needs
  • Tailored to match the organisation’s specific requirements (at no extra cost)
  • Significant video-recorded practise
  • Absolutely individualised feedback, advice, guidance, and mentoring
  • Innovative and revolutionary structuring tool for compelling presentations every time
  • 90 days’ post-program coaching support to embed learning outcomes
  • Skills refresher email bulletins to reinforce workplace skills application
  • On-line Performance Support Centre to drive lifelong learning

Highly Effective Business Presentation Skills 1-to-1 Coaching

Executives are coached in proven techniques to create and deliver engaging, professional business presentations that will inspire, persuade and motivate any audience.

With secondnature’s unique approach of helping individuals to embrace their own personality when presenting, our personalised coaching helps business professionals develop their own presentation style. This gives them authenticity and natural authority when presenting and also enhances their personal brand which can contribute greatly to their professional success and the business they represent.

The Programs

Individual Coaching

A 1-to-1 coaching version of our training programs that is fully personalised and tailored to help anyone in business, from confident senior executives to nervous new presenters

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Presenting for VERY VERY Busy People

The first high-impact and modular presentation skills coaching program, developed specifically for senior leaders.

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What Our Clients Say

Feedback hot off the press from recent workshops…

The best training session in the Grad program.
Essential for any presenter to make presenting secondnature.
Highly recommend, challenges normal thinking and practice.
It was great! Exceeded all my expectations. Can already see changes in my presentation skills after 2 days.
Best preso course I have done.
The secondnature course changed my professional life. I can’t wait to utilise the skills I have learnt.
Very useful. Not the usual ‘full of theory’ course. Easy to implement.
Once you use the Presentation Mapper you won’t go back.
Absolutely pivotal in making a positive impact and improvement to my presentation delivery.
Loved the program. It has provided me with the confidence I needed and has equipped me with skills that I did not have.
secondnature will transform the way you think about presenting.
Finally, presentation training that is practical and scalable across organisations, this will take my presentations to the next level. Well done to the secondnature team.
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