Presentation Writing Essentials

Write and design clearer and more compelling presentations


Who it helps

Middle/Junior/Line Management/Operational level, or Subject Matter Experts, or anyone who has to write presentations for themselves or others.

Where it helps

Client presentations, pitch decks, presentations to the board, team briefings, status meetings/updates, other role-specific communication situations.

How it helps

Highly focussed training that radically transforms presentation preparation, creation and development. Simplifying planning. Adding structure and clarity. Making key messages stand out. Dramatically speeding up the writing process. Incorporates multiple practical elements on participants’ presentations.

Intermediate-level 1-day course for up to 15 people.

Key components

  1. Understanding that different audiences want different things and how to tailor content for their needs.
  2. Using our revolutionary Presentation MapperTM methodology - 4 steps to simply and quickly map out strong, effective presentations that tell a clear story underpinned by a logical, easy to follow, narrative.
  3. How to emphasise key messages for the audience and so make key take-aways memorable.
  4. Best-practice for powerful PowerPoint® slides and other visual aids, including important Dos and Don’ts for text, image, graphs and graphics.

Key results

  • Learn a revolutionary framework for writing business presentations that will get the message across no matter how detailed the data or complex the content.
  • Create more focussed & professional slides that will enhance the credibility of the presenter and engage and make an impact on their audience.
  • Gain career-long skills to develop and design presentations that will elevate the reputation of the presenter and deliver positive results for your business.
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