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Business Presentation Skills Training and Coaching for Sydney based businesses

The Best Presentation Skills Training For Your Company In Sydney

As Sydney continues to grow as an economic hub in the Asia-Pacific region, businesses have new and exciting opportunities to tap into. This also means your teams need to cut through the clutter of competition by presenting and pitching ideas more persuasively, confidently and credibly.

secondnature’s carefully-crafted business presentation skills training and coaching programs help your people overcome this challenge. Our programs have earned acclaim for being the most experiential, results-driven business presentation skills workshops available in Sydney because they are:

  • Highly interactive and hands-on
  • Delivered by experts who specialise exclusively in business presentation skills
  • Tailored for your business, plus, personalised for each participant
  • Filled with multiple practise sessions that include detailed individual feedback, even in a group workshop
  • Designed to empower participants to plan and structure highly engaging, impactful and compelling presentations


The combined result of these features is that our clients receive world-class training and coaching right here in Sydney with maximum return on investment. This also explains why some of Sydney’s best businesses trust us to transform their people’s presentation capabilities.

Who Can Benefit from our Business Presentation Skills Training and Coaching?

Our programs are designed to take you further when you need to pitch ideas, launch new products, showcase results, speak at conferences and more. This means our programs benefit anyone in business – from sales executives to leadership teams.

Our business presentation skills training and coaching programs are for anyone who:

  • Wants to come across as confident and well-prepared during a meeting or presentation
  • Needs to build a convincing, credible and logically-structured argument
  • Desires to create a lasting impact when delivering high-stakes speeches, presentations, pitches or tenders
  • Aims to clinch deals by commanding respect in front of people who matter

secondnature programs have delivered value to Australian blue-chip companies such as Commonwealth Bank and AMP, and corporate behemoths.

Choose from a Range of Specialist Training, Coaching and Consulting Programs in Sydney

At secondnature, we believe that when it comes to business presentation skills, a generic approach only results in inadequate skills development. This is why we don’t run public workshops, which, besides being generic, offer no scope for personal attention or practice time. What we offer is sustainable learning for maximum impact via:

Group Presentation Skills Training

These are our in-house, private-client programs for small to large groups:

  • Present Inspire! – Advanced workshop for more experienced presenters who need to inspire, stimulate and motivate audiences.
  • Present to Persuade and Influence – The most comprehensive, advanced course for middle-to-senior management who need to deliver compelling, persuasive presentations to internal and external business audiences.
  • Present with Confidence – Intermediate-level 1- and 2-day workshops for business people who are beginning to present more frequently in their role and need to improve their presentation skills.
  • Presenting Essentials – Introductory course for people who need to communicate effectively in meetings and prepare professional presentations.
  • Presenting Skills Masterclass – A high-octane short skills clinic for larger groups. This highly practical workshop delivers results in a fun, team-based atmosphere.
  • Pitch2Win: Powerful new business pitch presentation skills when you need to win
  • Presentation Writing Essentials – Ideal for anyone responsible for writing presentations or proposals.

Individual One-to-One Presentation Skills Coaching

These highly personalised and modular coaching programs are designed for everyone from nervous new presenters to senior leaders:


Event and stage-specific consulting for individuals and teams:

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Let secondnature help you generate maximum value as you invest in the development of your greatest asset: your people. Our in-house, high-intensity, highly interactive ‘boardroom workshops’ are delivered in your offices wherever you are in Sydney. They are tailored to meet your business requirements and personalised for participants (at no extra cost).

Why not take advantage of our world-class credentials and cross-industry experience and expertise for your business? Get in touch with us today to find a program for your Sydney office or anywhere Australia-wide.

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