Presenting Essentials

Introductory level program for those newer to business -
taking people from elementary to experienced


Who it helps

Graduates and junior level staff. Those starting their careers, new to the corporate world, who need a grounding in interpersonal communication skills.

Where it helps

Status meetings, team briefings, manager updates, reporting on findings and other task-specific communication situations.

How it helps

An essential core-skills training program to prepare less experienced people to develop & deliver purposeful and professional presentations. Incorporates multiple, videoed, individual practise sessions on people’s own presentations. Personalised coaching to help individuals develop their own presenting style.

Introductory-level 2-day course for up to 8 people.

Key components

  • Understanding different communication styles (using DISC Profiling®) and how to adapt your approach and presentation content to suit the needs of different audiences.
  • Learn the importance of content focus and deciding on the key objective and outcomes required from a presentation or meeting.
  • Using our revolutionary Presentation MapperTM methodology to easily and confidently map out clear, logical and professional presentations.
  • How to build listener rapport, create a positive first impression, and maintain an audience’s attention.
  • Building credibility and answering questions with confidence.
  • Strategies for controlling nerves before and during a presentation.
  • Important Dos and Do nots for creating PowerPoint® slides.

Key results

  • Make the transformation into a more confident, organised and credible presenter, and build stronger internal and external business relationships.
  • Understand the need for, and know how to, flex your communication style to suit different audiences’ needs and expectations.
  • Learn a revolutionary framework for preparing logical presentations and conducting effective meetings.
  • Discover a presenting style that is a natural fit with your personality, and enhances your own ‘personal brand’.
  • Create more professional slides that add impact and interest.
  • Have an improved ability to maintain audience engagement so that you get your message across.
  • Learn techniques for managing questions and questioners.
  • Gain career-long skills to write and deliver professional presentations which achieve results for you and your business.
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