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Reflecting our philosophy of delivering learning sustainability and training return on investment, we employ the following principles to help us deploy our approach of building people’s abilities around the cornerstone of their individual personalities.

In the same way that involving an audience can increase their message retention (research says by 400%), we believe that tailoring our programmes to fit our clients’ exact requirements (i.e. involving you) can exponentially increase the impact and sustainability (retention) of your learning. We do everything we can to sculpt our programs so that they meet the needs of your industry, your business, your people – and we do tailor and personalise at no extra charge (origination of custom-built programmes are an exception).

In the same way as we tailor a programme for your business, we also personalise our programmes for your people so that each and every individual receives highly individualised coaching (even in group workshops). We do this through our on-line self-evaluation and intention questionnaire which we ask all participants to complete a week before the programme they attend. We also ask wherever possible to receive a pre-briefing on the participants by their line manager or HR/L&D.

Much like driving a car, learning to deliver a presentation requires practice. For this reason we don’t have a ‘look and learn’ approach. Instead all our programmes are extremely hands-on and high-intensity. Typically they comprise two-thirds skills practice time together with individualised advice, guidance and mentoring on that practice. We believe that our programmes offer more practice time than any other provider we know. Not only that, but the practice is reality-based and business-focussed. As an aside our learning components don’t consist of nice-to-know, fashionable sound bites, but immediately applicable best-practice principles, wisdom and knowledge. Our experience has demonstrated that this combination of honed practice and applicable theory delivers the most significant and sustainable results.

Nerves and a lack of confidence are common traits amongst individuals presenting in high-stakes business environments. Our emphasis on practice, and individual advice, personalised guidance and 1-to-1 mentoring guarantees a very comfortable, safe and supportive environment where participants can experiment, learn and grow. Couple this with an approach focused on helping people to develop their own authentic personal presentation style and they don’t feel coerced or pressured into being someone they are not. This environment really enhances the confidence and ability of those we work with, and the impact and the sustainability of our training and coaching.

Very often ‘feedback’ simply refers to ticking off ‘do’ and ‘do not’ boxes. It’s formulaic, prescriptive and views everyone through ‘one lens’. At secondnature we have a feedback framework model that recognises every person is an individual with existing strengths that should be harnessed, and unique development opportunities to be addressed. With this in mind our feedback involves expert, accurate and constructive advice with individualised guidance and mentoring. We believe it’s our absolutely personalised feedback that delivers the transformational results for which we are renowned.

For many people the process of writing and preparing for presentations can be time consuming and arduous. To make that process second nature, we have developed the world’s first, all-in-one, compact presentation tool – the revolutionary Presentation Mapper™. Unique, innovative, progressive and contemporary, it makes writing any presentation quick, easy and effective. Not only does the secondnature revolutionary Presentation Mapper™ save time and is intuitive to use but it dramatically increases people’s presentation structure, clarity, and persuasiveness. All this, and it’s also portable (fitting into your pocket) and available online too.

Looking professional and up-to-date is not just window dressing. It impacts upon learning by reinforcing the value of an organisation’s investment to their participants, and secondnature’s expertise and credentials as your learning partner. Our courseware includes full colour revolutionary Presentation Mapper™, coaching guides, notepads, pens, pencils and USB wafer drives for recording the skills practice on to. Before our workshops every participant receives a ‘Programme Profile’ introducing them to the key components that will be covered during the workshop and the results they can expect to achieve. They also receive a link to an online self-evaluation and intention questionnaire. Immediately after the workshop they are sent an invitation to access our Performance Support Centre (e-learning portal), and then 3 monthly skills ‘Refresh and Remind’ emails. Each of these elements serves to encourage a feeling of ‘being in the hands of the experts’ which gives the participants the confidence to fully participate and engage in the learning experience and to apply their new skills back in the workplace.

All SecondNature programmes are run as client-exclusive, in-house programmes. We do not run public or ‘open’ programmes. There are 3 main reasons for this, all related to our overriding commitment to deliver transformational results in business skills performance:

Tailoring – public programmes, by definition, cannot be industry (let alone company) specific, as attendees come from all sorts of businesses. This means the training that they receive can only be generic in its focus and so cannot deal with any aspects specific to the industry, the organisation, the team or the individuals present.

Confidentiality and business focus – in a public programme it is very difficult to guarantee that there will not be participants who work for competitors. Business presentations are, very often, if not highly confidential then at least commercially sensitive – and therefore cannot be divulged outside of the organisation with the possibility of competitors being present. Our belief is that if the objective for businesses investing in their people is to improve business presentation performance, then the practice must be on their own business presentations that the participants use in their role.

Practice – most public programmes are attended by a larger number of participants (10 to 20 is common). This means there is far less time for each participant to practice the skills discussed, and therefore also much less feedback, advice, guidance and mentoring. We know that individual practice and personalised feedback are the keys that unlock people’s ability to learn and apply new skills and so increase their professional capability. This is why we insist on devoting more time to practice and feedback than any other provider we know. As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’.

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