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Who it helps

C-suite, Senior Leadership Team and Middle-Management levels. Those who present online regularly to persuade and influence others in their role.

Where it helps

Client presentations, internal/external stakeholder briefings, board or team meetings. Skills for virtual meetings and presentations.

How it helps

Modular and high-impact live video coaching program. Designed to recognise time-poor executives’ changing work patterns, the norm of more shifting to working from home and the increased understanding of the value of online coaching. Sharpens planning & structure. Transforms online (and face-to-face) presenting delivery and impact. Detailed 60 point presenting analysis, plus feedback and incisive coaching helps execs. develop & finesse their very own presenting style. Incorporates multiple practise/rehearsal sessions on their actual business presentations.

6 x 1hr live 1-to-1 video coaching sessions.

Six high-impact modules

Using our revolutionary Presentation Mapper methodology to map out a focussed & compelling narrative that brings the story to life, no matter how complex or detailed the content.

Emphasis techniques to land key messages: siren words, attention grabs, gear changes, gestures and pausing.

Techniques to quickly build trust and rapport with listeners.

Establishing credibility and ‘claiming a seat at the table’.

How to involve an audience, maintain their attention and manage questions/objections.

How to become a compelling, influential and authentic presenter.

Key results

  • Deliver more compelling presentations which sell the message and the presenter.
  • A revolutionary framework for creating powerful presentations that will engage any audience.
  • Discover a presenting style that is a natural fit with the presenter's personality, and enhances their own ‘personal brand’.
  • A transformed ability to take listeners on a journey and to persuade and influence them about ideas and recommendations.
  • Become a more skilled presenter with inner confidence, and outer credibility & authenticity.
  • Speak, talk and present with more conviction and authority to own the room.
  • Gain the skills to design & deliver presentations that will elevate the presenter's professional reputation and that of their organisation.
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