Presenting for VERY VERY Busy People

High-impact, modular presentation skills coaching


Who it helps

C-suite, Senior Leadership Team and Middle-Management levels. Those who present regularly to persuade and influence others in their role.

Where it helps

Client presentations, internal/external stakeholder briefings, board or team meetings. Skills for face-to-face & virtual/online meetings and video-conferencing.

How it helps

Australia’s first modular and high-impact coaching programme, it recognises the demands placed on today’s senior executives and acknowledges that executives at this level are already seasoned and experienced presenters. Designed for leaders who want to refine their ability to inspire critical audiences, influence key stakeholders and deliver better results for themselves and their business. Detailed 60 point analysis, plus feedback and incisive coaching helps develop & finesse a personal presenting style.

6 x 1.5hr 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

Six fast-track modules

Using our revolutionary Presentation MapperTM methodology to map out a focussed & compelling narrative that brings the story to life, no matter how complex or detailed the content.

Emphasis techniques to land key messages: siren words, attention grabs, gestures and pausing.

Techniques to quickly build trust and rapport with your listeners.

Establishing credibility and ‘claiming a seat at the table’.

How to involve the audience, maintain their attention and manage questions.

How to become a confident and authentic presenter.

Key results

  • Deliver more compelling presentations which sell the message and you, the presenter.
  • Learn a revolutionary framework for creating powerful presentations that will engage any audience.
  • Discover a presenting style that is a natural fit with your personality, and enhances your own ‘personal brand’.
  • A transformed ability to take listeners on a journey and to persuade and influence them of your ideas and recommendations.
  • Become a more skilled presenter with inner confidence, and outer credibility & authenticity.
  • Speak, talk and present with more conviction and authority to own the room.
  • Gain the skills to design & deliver presentations that will elevate your professional reputation and that of your business.
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