Why Do So Many of the World's Biggest Brands Choose Our Presentation Skills Programs for Their Managers and Executives?

Here Are Four Reasons Why

1. We’re specialists in business presentation skills coaching.
Unlike most other training companies, we are not a training supermarket: We don’t offer coaching in sales, media, leadership skills, software tools, project management, or negotiation skills.
We specialise exclusively in business presentation skills.

2. We’re accustomed to helping tier-one companies & demanding executives develop, design, and deliver great presentations.
We have deep experience in helping managers and executives in some of the world’s highest-profile companies like Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Amazon, BBC, and dozens of others, where a great deal rides on the success of their presentations. (See what they say down below.) Therefore, whatever presentation challenges your managers and executives face, we’ll use our experience to prepare them to be confident, engaging, persuasive, and effective.

3. We’re business people experienced in presenting, and not actors or career trainers.
Every consultant at secondnature has been a senior executive in a commercial role. We understand real world challenges and we’re intimately familiar with the situations business people encounter,
because we’ve been there too. Your executives and managers will notice the difference our experience brings. We add a practical dimension and value that actors or career trainers just cannot.

4. We only run private, in-house programs.
Many training firms run public workshops that are open for anyone to book and attend. Those usually are generic, lightweight courses that offer zero tailoring, no commercial confidentiality, limited practice time, and very little personal attention. They frequently have an attractive low price, but you get what you pay for: Ultimately they provide inadequate skills development, and we believe business professionals demand and deserve more. Which is exactly what we design our private, in-house courses to deliver: personalised, effective training by experts, who will enable your people to perform at their best.

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Whether you have an urgent need, or are just doing planning for the next few months, let’s chat on 1300 067 876

You’ll speak with Cheryl. She is highly experienced at working with organisations to find just the right presentation-skills training for your people.

By the way, Cheryl has no sales quota to meet, so you can expect a friendly conversation with no pressure at all.

What Our Clients Think

“Actionable, insightful & enjoyable session which I feel I can really use on a day to day basis.”

Excellent program. Empowered the participants to present with confidence.

"This program transforms the big monster of ‘Presenting’ into a fluffy kitten (with sharp claws none-the-less…)"


If you have any doubts about your presenting skills or wish to improve them….do this program!

Six Reasons Why Our Programs Make Your Training Challenges Easier:

1. Our training puts your people front and centre.
Our programs are highly interactive and hands-on. We refer to the people we coach as Participants and not Attendees, because they actively participate and don’t just passively attend. Furthermore, our coaching is not a sit-and-listen motivational-type session delivered by celebrity speakers, where all the focus is on them and their ego. Instead, our training is delivered by people who have been in the trenches themselves, and all our focus and attention is on the people we train.

2. Every program we run is tailored and personalised (at no extra cost).
Your business is unique, and so are your executives and managers. That’s why we tailor each program with examples, language, context, and focus areas to fit your business and each individual participant. With our extensive experience in presentation skills and training, we are able to deliver bespoke experiences at non-bespoke prices.

3. Participants learn to use our proven framework to create and deliver presentations with confidence.
As far as we know, our presentation planning and structuring tool (“Presentation Mapper”) is the world’s only all-in-one presentation preparation aid. It makes creating compelling presentations both quick and second nature.

4. We focus on the presenting style that is a natural fit for participants,
instead of shoe-horning them into someone else’s style. Our structured but non-prescriptive approach helps people develop an effective and confident presenting style. It strengthens their authenticity and personal brand, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident transferring their their new skills from the workshop to the workplace.

5. Your participants get more role-specific practice time.
We give participants more personalised coaching attention and individual practice time than any other provider we know. We do this through an extensive video-practice approach that identifies baseline capabilities and records skills transformations. We also incorporate our highly detailed, 60+ point feedback framework. This targets very specifically the key development areas for each participant.

6. We provide the most comprehensive post-workshop support--again at no extra charge.
This includes free follow-up remote coaching, a suite of Remind-Refresh-Reinforce email bulletins that extend skills, and lifetime access to our online Performance Support Centre.

What Type of Group Program Are You Looking For?

Present Inspire!
Our most advanced workshop for more experienced presenters who frequently give presentations that need to inspire, stimulate and motivate audiences.

Present to Persuade and Influence
The most comprehensive course for middle-to-senior management who need to deliver compelling, persuasive presentations to demanding internal and external business audiences.

Present with Confidence Intermediate level workshops (1 and 2-day) for business people who are now required to present more frequently in their role and need to improve their presenting confidence and impact.

Presenting Essentials Introductory course for graduates and those starting their careers who need the skills to communicate effectively in meetings and to prepare clear professional presentations.

Presenting Skills Masterclass
A short-course, high-octane, skills clinic for larger groups (often held as part of a conference). This hands-on, team-based workshop delivers results in a less formal atmosphere.

Presentation Writing Essentials How to write and design clear, logical and compelling business presentations using our powerful, practical and flexible presentation mapping tool.

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Please Note: When you read through our program descriptions, you’ll notice that one offering may sound somewhat similar to another, except for a few differences. That’s on purpose: In our experience with conducting many hundreds of sessions around the world with executives and managers, it’s important that they acquire and practise certain critical core skills. Then, depending on their specific objectives, we add other elements to deliver maximum effectiveness.

We suggest that you spend no more than a few minutes browsing through our offerings, and then contact us. We’re friendly, non-pushy, and can save you loads of time by recommending the best programs for your people.

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