25 Persuasive Power Words to Use in Your Next Sales Pitch

Posted by Belinda Huckle  |  On June 16, 2020  |  In Presentation Training, Tips & Advice

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It’s no secret that words are powerful – and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of sales and marketing, where power words rule.

It takes more than an in-depth knowledge of your topic to deliver an engaging and compelling sales pitch. Your level of competency and expertise is often judged by the confidence of your presentation. However, it’s your choice of words that can be the difference between a sale or a fail.

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So if you’re looking for a power words list to make your pitch compelling and emphasise your critical selling messages, read on to learn 25 words that work.

Power word No.1 – You

There’s no better way to connect with, and get the attention of, your audience than to make it all about them. Choosing ‘you’ over ‘we’ and ‘I’ sharpens their focus on your message, as what you are saying is suddenly 100% relevant to them.

Example: When you use this software to host your meetings, you can record and share in one easy step.

Power word No.2 – Because

This is one persuasive sales word that should not be underestimated. Adding ‘because’ provides a reason, and this can instantly turn a simple sentence into a phrase that sells. Interestingly, it doesn’t even need to be a good reason. 

A famous Harvard study demonstrated this, when the percentage of people willing to let someone jump a queue shot up from 63% to 93% when a reason was given – even when it was a poor one.

Example: Our new online portal will change the way you shop for groceries because of its revolutionary customer interface.

Power word No.3 – Free

We all love free stuff, and this was shown in a study by Dan Areily for his book Predictably Irrational. Participants were asked to choose between a Lindt Truffle for 26 cents or a Hershey’s Kiss for 1 cent and the numbers were evenly split.

However, when both were dropped by 1 cent (so the Kiss was now free) 90 percent opted for the Kiss. So if you can include a worthwhile offer in your pitch that doesn’t devalue what you are selling, it can really get you on the winning side.

Example: You can start with a free 7-day trial subscription to find out if it’s right for you.

Power word No.4 – Compare

These days, most consumers jump online to do a comparison of products before they buy. By being upfront about what makes you different from your competitors, you save them the effort.

Example: When you compare the average turnaround time, we are 1–2 days faster than our closest competitor.

Power word No.5 – Instantly

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle people don’t like to wait. They expect things to happen now. If you can deliver something instantly, it will get people excited. Just make sure you can follow through with your promise or it may well backfire.

Example: When you join, you will instantly have access to all course materials and resources so you can get started straight away.

Power word No.6 – New

Power word - new

While much of our purchases are based on trust and what we know, there is part of our brain that craves something new and exciting. So spruiking your new feature, new flavour or new design can really get people’s attention.

Example: Since releasing our eye-catching new design, sales have increased by 25%.

Power word No.7 – Now

Today’s consumers want things now, so when you use this power word in your pitch you are speaking their language. It also creates a sense of urgency, prompting people to make decisions faster.

Example: Sign up now and get instant access so you can improve your reporting today.

Power word No.8 – Imagine

When you hear the word ‘imagine’ it instantly feels like positive change is possible. When used in your pitch while delivering your solution, it becomes a very strong persuasive word indeed.

Example: Imagine if you could manage all your employees’ time sheets from one simple interface.

Power word No.9 – Limited

Nobody likes missing out on a good thing. If you can generate some urgency about your offer, it can be just the thing to get your audience to stop thinking and act now.

Example: This offer is limited to the first 20 customers only – don’t miss out.

Power word No.10 – How to

With busy schedules and information overload, people appreciate a clear, concise solution. Cutting to the chase and teaching them how to do something, quickly and easily is always appreciated.

Example: Today you will learn how to halve the time you spend on social media in three easy steps.

No.11 – Discover

The idea of a new discovery can spark interest, and tells your audience that your pitch or solution offers something they’ve missed out on so far. This makes it a useful word for your persuasive sales pitch.

Example: With the new system, you’ll discover how easy data analysis can be.

No.12 – Guarantee

Power word - guarantee

There are plenty of pretenders out there, and today’s savvy buyers know it. Building trust is important, and a fast and effective way to do it is to offer a guarantee. But use this word with caution, because if you cannot follow through with your promise, it can come across as gimmicky. 

Example: All purchases are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love it, we’ll refund your purchase.

No.13 – Easy

Modern life is complicated in many ways, and the promise of something that can make it easier is a power word for your sales pitch. Including examples of how and why your product or service will do this for your audience is the key to conversions.

Example: Our easy-to-use app includes everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

No.14 – Proven

The ability to back up your claims with some kind of proof (preferably data-driven) can be very influential. However, this should only be used when you can actually back it up.

Example: Our system has been proven to reduce wait times by up to 50%.

No.15 – Results

When it comes down to it, what people really want is results. Including this word in your sales pitch (with stats to back it up if possible), packs a punch.

Example: Over 90% of our clients experienced these results within two weeks.

No.16 – Save

When you offer to save your audience time, money or effort, it will always be well received. That’s why a relevant and meaningful saving, using the power word ‘save’ or ‘saving’, is a powerful addition to your pitch.

Example: Our online templates will save you time and effort on routine tasks so you can focus on what matters.

No.17 – Boost

Demonstrating how you can boost sales, profits, morale or anything that will help a business grow will generate interest and action in what you are saying.

Example: Our training program will boost the communication skills of your team, to help them close the sale.

No.18 – Capture

Power word - capture

With so much advertising noise, it’s getting harder to stand out. The thought of being able to capture more sales, leads or attention is definitely appealing.

Example: There’s no better way to capture the attention of passers-by than with a tailor-made digital signage solution.

No.19 – Convert

In sales, the ability to convert is key, which is why it’s a phrase that sells. Mentioning this word in your pitch will see your audience tune in for whatever tips and knowledge they can get.

Example: Our proven sales approach will help you convert more leads with less effort.

No.20 – Bargain

It may not be new or flashy, but it’s still as effective as ever. Because, who doesn’t love a bargain? Offering your audience the chance to grab a bargain makes them feel like it’s a good day and they’ve come out on top.

Example: Sign up now for our 12-month package for the bargain price of just 10 months.

No.21 – Revolutionary

If you’re looking to inspire action, this is one word that should be on your go-to power words list. If what you are selling is truly revolutionary, you will have no trouble getting your audience excited.

Example: With its revolutionary new engine design, it’s the fastest sports car on the market.

No.22 – Announcing

Got something new and exciting to share? Use this power word to generate anticipation and announce it in style.

Example: Check out our blog tomorrow as we’ll be announcing the lucky winners of our competition.

No.23 – Introducing

Looking to generate interest in a new product or special offer? Introducing it with the right power words can capture the attention of those who matter.

Example: Introducing the latest addition to our popular summer range.

No.24 – Offer


When we hear the word ‘offer’, the words ‘special’ and ‘limited’ generally spring to mind too. This puts it up there with some of the best sales words that work.

Example: In this limited offer, you’ll receive three months’ membership for the price one.

No.25 – Wanted

This power word leverages the fact that no one wants to miss out. By including this word in your sales pitch, you create a sense that your offer is in high demand, which makes people want it even more.

Example: Wanted by HR professionals everywhere, our new platform is our highest selling software ever.

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