How To Recap or Summarise Your Next Business Presentation

Posted by Belinda Huckle  |  On May 11, 2009  |  In Presentation Training, Tips & Advice

You’re in a business presentation. There are just a few minutes to go and the presenter is on the home stretch. The presentation has been informative, engaging and relevant. So far so good. Then he/she gets to the recap. You’re looking forward to having the key insights from the presentation delivered in a crystalised, golden-nuggetty form for you to take away. But no! Instead the presenter decides to deep-dive back into the content, flaying around in his evidence, leaving you tediously bored and utterly frustrated.

Make sure you never make the same mistake. Use our simple 2-step process to help you develop a short, sharp recap – and deliver it with impact.

Step 1: Look at each chunk of your presentation (usually determined by your agenda – every business presentation should have one!) and decide what is the key point of interest or persuasion from that chunk of information. Decide this point of interest or persuasion for each presentation chunk.

Step 2: To deliver your recap, all you need to do is remind the audience of each chunk of the presentation that you covered and the key point of interest or persuasion from that chunk. Easy! No deep diving back into the content. No fat, flabby recaps. No sinking summaries. Simply the key points re-iterated; short, sharp and gift-wrapped for your audience.

An example from this blog…


Step 1 – develop your recap by deciding what the key point of interest or persuasion is from each presentation chunk.

Step 2 – deliver your recap by reminding the audience of each chunk of the presentation that you covered and the key point of interest or persuasion from that chunk.

So in future, don’t bore or frustrate your audience just when they are supposed to be feeling enlightened and uplifted. Nail your key points and deliver a concise, impactful recap they’ll remember.

p.s. remember it’s your personality that powers your presentation performance.

Belinda Huckle

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Belinda is the founder and managing director of secondnature. With a determination to drive a paradigm shift in the delivery of presentation skills training, she is a strong advocate of a more personal and sustainable presentation skills training methodology.

She believes in a training approach that harnesses people’s unique personality to build their own authentic presentation style and personal brand.

Belinda is currently helping to transform the presentation skills of people in organisations such as BBC Worldwide, DHL, ESRI, Heineken, MARS Inc., Moody’s, Pfizer, Roche, Triumph and Walmart – to name just a few.

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